You are at Morris College because you are interested in learning and in enriching your life.  To facilitate learning and to provide a more meaningful college experience, the policies and guidelines in the following pages are presented.  Each student is responsible for becoming acquainted with college policies and observing them.  There may be questions or situations not covered in the student handbook.  If so, don not hesitate to ask for information from you counselor, residence director, or the Dean of Student Affairs.
Whenever a group of people live and work together, it is wise to have a mutual understanding about responsibilities and privileges.  When the group consists of persons from different backgrounds and with different points of view, this consensus is not easily achieved.  However, the nature of our group or institution and our intuitional purpose and philosophy become our framework for community living.  The goal of responsible self-direction by students and the college's institutional commitments are the chief concerns underlying these principles and policies.

is an institution of learning.  Students are here to aid knowledge, skills, and wisdom in order to function as effective human beings.  Morris College is a church-related institution committed to undergirding intellectual power with a Christian philosophy of life.  Morris College has concern for your total development: intellectual, physical, moral, and spiritual.